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Mitchell, C., Yamile, N., D’Amico, M., Linds, W., & Denov, M. (2023). On the ethics of getting the word out: Rural girls reflect on ownership in participatory visual research in rural South Africa. YOUNG, 31(3), pp. 250-267. Abstract: Despite the growing

Romm, N.R.A. (2020). Reflections on a post-qualitative inquiry with children/young people: Exploring and furthering a performative research ethics. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung (FQS), 21(1), Art. 6. Abstract: In this article I discuss a number of ethical issues surrounding the USA-commissioned Belmont report

Brear, M. R., & Tsotetsi, C. T. (2021). (De)colonising outcomes of community participation – a South African ethnography of ‘ethics in practice.’ Qualitative Research, Published Online Ahead of Print. Abstract: Theoretically, community participation decolonises research ethics in settings where a ‘coloniality

Mitchell,C., Moletsane, R., & Daryanani, D. (2022). The ethics of risk research in the time of COVID-19: Ethnography at a distance in privileging the well-being of girls and young women in the context of gender-based violence in rural South Africa.

Treffry-Goatley, A., Wiebesiek, L., Lange, N. d., & Moletsane, R. (2017). Technologies of nonviolence: Ethical participatory visual research with girls. Girlhood Studies, 10(2), pp. 45-61. This article shares ethical and methodological insights from a study on girl-led policy making to

You can download this ERIC case study as a pdf in English, français, >español, 한국어, Türkçe and Bahasa Indonesia. The Young Carers Study is a national study, designed in collaboration with Universities, the South African government, UNICEF, Save the Children and