Is motivated by a shared international concern that the human dignity of children is honoured and their rights and wellbeing are respected in all research, regardless of context. Read More ERIC Endeavours to journey with researchers as they pursue and refine research approaches that respect the rights, dignity and wellbeing of children. Read More ERIC An aspirational statement of key commitments aimed at elevating the status, rights and wellbeing of all children involved in research. Read More ERIC CHARTER Is designed to prompt critical reflection by researchers, members of the research team, organisations and other stakeholders as they plan and undertake research in their local contexts. Read More THE REFLEXIVE TOOL Discusses specific ethical considerations, challenges and questions that arise across unique and diverse research contexts. Read More ETHICAL GUIDANCE

Welcome to ERIC!

Ethical Research Involving Children (ERIC) is the international hub for promoting evidence informed ethics guidance for research involving children and young people.

ERIC aims to support researchers and the research community to understand, plan and conduct ethical research involving children in any geographical, social, cultural or methodological context.

The ERIC approach reflects a commitment to children’s rights, the role of relationships, and the need for researcher reflexivity in advancing ethical research (Powell, Graham & Truscott, 2016).

Through these ‘Three Rs’, ERIC fosters knowledge, skills and attitudes required to safely involve children in research, explore new horizons and unite our efforts to understand, pursue and showcase ethical practice.

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