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Ethical Research Involving Children

The ethics of research with children and young people: A practical handbook.

Alderson, P., & Morrow, V. (2020). The ethics of research with children and young people: A practical handbook. New York: Sage Publications. Paperback ISBN: 9-781-526-477-866

Publisher’s Description: A practical guide to carrying out ethical research with children and young people, this practical handbook examines the ethical questions that arise at each stage of research, from first plans to dissemination and impact. Illustrated with case studies from international and inter-disciplinary research, it offers advice for addressing each ethical question, issue or uncertainty. Including:
• A showcase of the best practice on a range of topics including data protection
• Practical guidance for responding to recent global changes in policy and practice in ethics and law
• Discussion of the challenges and opportunities of digital research with children

The updated second edition continues to provide an excellent resource for those exploring the old, current and new consensuses on the ethics of researching with children. © Sage Publications Inc.

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