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You can download this case study as a pdf here. When children participate in research, particularly research conducted with or by children, a key goal is to authentically represent their viewpoints. Striving for authentic representation involves being critical and reflexive of

Korkiamäki, R., & Kaukko, M. (2023). Faceless, voiceless child – Ethics of visual anonymity in research with children and young people. Childhood, 30(1), pp. 55-70. Abstract: The anonymisation of research participants is a standardised ethical practice, but researchers sometimes struggle to

You can download this case study as a pdf here. Conducting research with young children is a complex process with many stakeholders and ethical considerations to navigate. One of the most enduring challenges we tend to encounter is how to engage

You can download this ERIC case study as a pdf in English, français, español, 한국어, Türkçe and Bahasa Indonesia. The Tiwai Island Wildlife Sanctuary in Sierra Leone is a community-based conservation and eco-tourism initiative managed by the environmental NGO, the Environmental