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Loftus, S. (2022). Re-examining ethical challenges of using ethnography to understand decision-making in family caregiving networks of children with feeding tubes. Children's Geographies, Published Online Ahead of Print, pp.1-13. Abstract: Researching the experiences of children reliant on family caregivers is methodologically

Van Goidsenhoven, L., & De Schauwer, E. (2022). Relational ethics, informed consent, and informed assent in participatory research with children with complex communication needs. Developmental Medicine & Child Neurology, 64(11), pp.1323-1329. Abstract: There is a need for qualitative participatory research

Franklin, A., & Toft, A. (2020). Centring the voices of disabled LGBT+ young people in research: Ethical and methodological considerations. In: Toft, A. & Franklin, A. Young Disabled and LGBT+: Voices, Identities and Intersections. Routledge: London. ISBN: 9781032175607. The book, 'Young,