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Oyinloye, B. (2022). Reimagining the researcher-participant ethics relationship: A participant-centred, values-based ethics approach in comparative and international education. Compare: A Journal of Comparative and International Education, Published Online Ahead of Print, pp. 1-15. Abstract: This paper advocates for a deeper engagement

Brear, M. R., & Tsotetsi, C. T. (2021). (De)colonising outcomes of community participation – a South African ethnography of ‘ethics in practice.’ Qualitative Research, Published Online Ahead of Print. Abstract: Theoretically, community participation decolonises research ethics in settings where a ‘coloniality

Jiménez, E. (2021). Decolonising concepts of participation and protection in sensitive research with young people: Local perspectives and decolonial strategies of Palestinian research advisors. Childhood, 28(3), pp. 346–362. Abstract: Scholars in childhood research have been reconsidering whether the participation of children