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Korkiamäki, R., & Kaukko, M. (2023). Faceless, voiceless child – Ethics of visual anonymity in research with children and young people. Childhood, 30(1), pp. 55-70. Abstract: The anonymisation of research participants is a standardised ethical practice, but researchers sometimes struggle to

Castillo Goncalves, D. (2020). Distinctive ethical challenges in qualitative research with migrant children. Qualitative Research Journal, 20(3), pp. 293-303. This paper describes distinctive ethical challenges encountered in qualitative research with migrant children. It brings attention to how the exploratory nature

Scott, P. (2019). Entering the field as researchers and leaving as “aunties”: Field relations with young children and their families in a refugee reception centre. In A. Wihstutz (Ed.), Zwischen Sandkasten und Abschiebung: Zum Alltag junger Kinder in Unterkünften für