Youth co-research toolkit.

The Centre for Resilient and Inclusive Societies (Australia). (First published in 2022). Youth co-research toolkit. Available online (see link below).

The resources in this toolkit provide information, advice and resources to build young people’s confidence and skills as co-researchers. It will help strengthen reflexive conversations amongst research teams, strengthen young people’s experiences of being a youth co-researcher, elevate ethical practice in youth co-research and ultimately contribute to real-world impact.
It includes:

  • Information about what it means to be a co-researcher
  • Insight on what it’s actually like being on a research team
  • A summary of the benefits that young people, research, and the community can experience from having young people involved
  • Real experiences and advice from other young researchers
  • ‘How to’ guides that provide tips to manage research challenges and get started in a research career
  • Introductory training guides and activities that introduce the concepts of research ethics, social research methods and research project management
  • Practical tools and templates, from managing wellbeing to planning a research project timeline.
  • This toolkit has been developed by young people, researchers and partners at the Centre for Multicultural Youth, through CRIS research. The toolkit was identified as one key way to build effective youth participation in research about the issues that impact young people’s lives.

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