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Ethical Research Involving Children

Using Video in Research with young children, teachers and parents: Entanglements of possibility, risk and ethical responsibility: Profiling emerging research innovations.

Haggerty, M. (2020). Using Video in Research with Young Children, Teachers and Parents: Entanglements of Possibility, Risk and Ethical Responsibility: Profiling Emerging Research Innovations. Video Journal of Education and Pedagogy, 5(1), pp. 1-15.

Abstract: This article draws on research conducted for the author’s PhD study and concepts in semiotic multimodality and relational materialism (Barad, 2007; Haraway, 2008) to explore the dynamics of what partnering with video/visual technologies in educational research with young children can be, do and become. This study was an ethnographic study which examined the curriculum and assessment priorities six focus children in Aotearoa-New Zealand encountered during their last six months in an early childhood (EC) centre and their first six months at school. In the article the author focuses on two video-recorded observations included in the PhD report by way of opening up for critical consideration the entanglements of possibility, risk and ethical responsibility entailed in the use of video in research with young children.

This is an open access article. The full text is freely available to view and download via the Publisher’s Link below.

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