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Ethical Research Involving Children

The challenge of conducting ethical research in preschool.

Larsson, J., Williams, P. & Zetterqvist, A. (2021). The challenge of conducting ethical research in preschool. Early Child Development and Care, 191(4), pp.511-519.

Abstract: Formal ethical issues for conducting research are highlighted in national and international guidelines. Even if such strategies are grounded in democratic and rights-based values, their implementation may produce challenges. This article foregrounds dilemmas that were derived from fieldwork conducted in preschool settings with children aged one to five years. These settings are viewed as sensitive environments that demand awareness adjusted to a specific context. Through the use of empirical illustrations, children’s voices concerning their participation within a research project and their opportunities to give consent or withdraw are discussed. (Abstract © Taylor & Francis, reprinted by special permission from Taylor & Francis Group, a division of Informa UK,

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