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Ethical Research Involving Children

Research ethics in childhood research.

Hanson, K., Spyrou, S., (Moderators). (2023). Research ethics in childhood research. Childhood, 30(4), pp. 1-17.

Abstract: The journal Childhood has been one of the pioneering fora where children and childhood have been given a prominent place in research, both through considering childhood as an autonomous social group worthy of investigation and by relying on children’s perspectives on the world as capable social subjects. The involvement of children in their research poses particular questions to childhood researchers in relation to dealing with research ethics. To expand our reflections on the subject, we have invited three eminent childhood researchers to discuss key ethical challenges, including how to navigate the tension between situated ethics prevalent in many childhood research and institutionalized approaches to research through protocols and regulations; how to recognize children’s contribution in research in a more and more pervasive digital environment that asks for a stronger protection of children’s privacy; and how to create more space for ethical research that takes into account the social, cultural and structural realities and challenges that researchers encounter in the process of research.
Anne Graham, Southern Cross University, Australia
Ginny Morrow, University College London, UK
Jessica Taft, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA

The conversation was held in April 2023 through written exchange of questions and answers by email, and has been the subject of a recorded webinar with all participants that took place on Thursday 11 May 2023 and that can be viewed through the journal’s website.

Abstract reproduced with permission. The final, definitive version of this paper has been published in Childhood, 30(4), Nov/2023 by SAGE Publications, Ltd., All rights reserved. © SAGE Publications, Ltd.

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