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Ethical Research Involving Children

The evolving capacities of the child.

Lansdown, G. (2005). The evolving capacities of the child. Florence: UNICEF Innocenti Research Centre. ISBN: 8889129158.

Extract from foreword (p. vii – viii): “This study identifies three separate but inter-linked strands crucial to understanding the concept of the evolving capacities of the child. First, it analyses the developmental dimension of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child… Secondly, it analyses the participatory or emancipatory dimension… [This] challenges us to examine how best to respect children’s capacity to exercise their rights and to take responsibility for those decisions they are competent to make for themselves… Finally, the study examines evolving capacities as a protective concept. What level of protection are children entitled to in recognition of their childhood?”

A hard copy of this document can be purchased or a copy freely downloaded from the Publisher’s Link below.

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