Peer Research: How to make a difference.

Centre for Child and Family Research at Loughborough University; Catch 22; National Care Advisory Service; and SOS Children’s Villages International. (2012). Peer Research: How to make a difference. National Care Advisory Service: London.

Extract from the introduction (p.3): “This pamphlet is based on our work in several Peer Research projects with children and young people. It brings together the experience of academics, NGOs and, importantly, young people who have been in- volved in developing Peer Research on a national and European scale.

This booklet shows the benefits of a Peer Research approach and provides some guidance on how to develop and conduct quality, ethical and effective Peer Research. The Peer Research projects described here involve children and young people in and leav- ing care. However, the methodology outlined in this booklet is transferable to work with other groups of young people and adults”.

The full booklet is freely available to download from the direct link below.

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