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Ethical Research Involving Children

Market Research Standards Guidelines for research with children and young people.

Market Research Standards (MRS). (2012). MRS Guidelines for research with children and young people. London: MRS.

Extract from introduction (p. 4): “These Guidelines interpret the Market Research Standards (MRS) Code of Conduct (UK) (revised 2010) and provide additional best practice advice. Unless otherwise stated, Guidelines are not binding. Rules B27 to B33 of the MRS Code of Conduct contain specific mandatory provisions relating to research with children…

Under the Code, children are defined as those aged under 16 years. These Guidelines also provide additional best practice for research with young people aged 16 and 17 years. There is no recommended minimum age for research among children but it is expected that researchers will involve very young children directly in research only when this is necessary and appropriate to the particular project.”

The full guidelines are freely available to download directly via the link below.

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