Canosa, A., Graham, A., & Wilson, E. (2018). Reflexivity and ethical mindfulness in participatory research with children: What does it really look like? Childhood, 25(3), pp. 400-415.

Abstract: This article draws attention to the ethical nuances of conducting participatory research with children and young people growing up in a popular tourist destination in Australia. It responds to calls for more reflexively oriented approaches to documenting the ethical dimensions of qualitative research, particularly with children. Prolonged engagement in the field facilitated a deeper understanding of young people’s lived experiences and the challenges they face in negotiating identity, belonging and connection with community. Findings reveal there are a number of important benefits when actively involving young people in research. With the democratisation of the research process, however, comes an increased ethical responsibility which requires a reflexive and relational approach if meaningful and inclusive participation is to be achieved. (The final, definitive version of this paper has been published in Childhood, 25/3, August 2018 by SAGE Publications, Ltd., All rights reserved. © SAGE Publications, Ltd.).

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