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Ethical Research Involving Children

Qualitative health research with children.

Ireland, L., & Holloway, I. (1996). Qualitative health research with children. Children & Society, 10(2), pp.155-164.

Abstract: The authors of this article identify and discuss some of the practical and ethical issues of qualitative research with children. The problems are illustrated through a research study about children’s experience of asthma, and the way in which they perceive and interpret their condition. It is shown that social research with children has inherent difficulties relating to access, ethical and developmental issues. Researchers do not only have to gain parental permission but also want the child to enter the research voluntarily. Because of the children’s stage of development and the asymmetrical relationship between researcher and informants, adequate safeguards and awareness of these problems are essential. (Abstract published by arrangement with Wiley Subscription Services, Inc.).

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