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Ethical Research Involving Children

Lessons from the field: Ethics in youth social capital research.

Billett, P. (2012). Lessons from the field: Ethics in youth social capital research. Youth Studies Australia, 31(3), pp. 43-50.

Abstract: Social capital is an exciting and growing field in academic circles. However, its research has often been criticised by youth theorists for its lack of relevance to youth life and experience – the portrayal of young people as consumers rather than producers of social capital – and a failure to acknowledge the complexity of youth life. Many of these problems arise from issues of consent and participation which, when ignored, can lead to the construction of realities and/or the invisibility and muteness of certain groups. Hence, this article, with reference to the author’s own study, suggests that in order to conduct ethical youth social capital research, it is imperative that young people’s own voices are heard, their right to participate respected and their experiences acknowledged.

(This long-standing journal has experienced significant funding constraints and is now no longer in print. Perhaps for this reason, sometimes it seems that the links below do not work. If you cannot get them to open, try a general internet search using the title of the article and you should be able to locate the article and open access pdf.)

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