Shaw, J. E. (2018). Desiring self-determination in research and beyond: Parental consent requirements and situated ethics for migrant young people living amid changing family dynamics. Children & Society, 32(6), 433-443.

Abstract: How are procedural research ethics complicit in homogenising and paternalising young people? Through a youth-centred ethnographic study completed in Canada, I illustrate how migrant young people’s complex experiences of family separation, responsibility, and autonomy sit in relation to parental consent requirements for research. By complicating notions of childhood and critically discussing capacity to consent, I elucidate how procedural ethics can negate diversity among young people and perpetuate the structural barriers some face in determining their lives. More flexible ethical procedures and responses could reduce barriers and better accommodate young people’s inclusion by recognising their specific circumstances, desires and competencies through heightened contextual awareness. (Abstract published by arrangement with Wiley Subscription Services, Inc.).

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