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Ethical Research Involving Children

Child participatory research methods: Attempts to go ‘deeper’.

Horgan, D. (2017). Child participatory research methods: Attempts to go ‘deeper’. Childhood, 24(2), pp. 245-259.

Abstract: Along with the growth of child participatory research an increased focus on its complexity, specifically unaddressed power inequities in the research relationship and unreflexive use of methods, has developed. This article discusses a participatory research project with children in Ireland and reflects on attempts to achieve deeper participation through the use of children and youth advisory groups, mixed visual and discursive group methods. It argues that overly paternalistic frameworks adopted by ethical review bodies can hamper participatory research with children. (The final, definitive version of this paper has been published on-line ahead of print in Childhood, May 2016 by SAGE Publications, Ltd., All rights reserved. © SAGE Publications, Ltd.).

The fulltext pdf of this article is freely available via the Publisher’s Link below.

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