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Ethical Research Involving Children

Always othered: Ethical research with children.

Lahman, M. (2008). Always othered: Ethical research with children. Journal of Early Childhood Research, 6(3) pp. 281-300.

The author takes the stance that children are always Othered or unfamiliar in research. The child as Other is intensified by adults’ memories of their own childhoods. The author discusses what it means to be Othered, reviews images of children, and the roles early childhood research methodologists recommend a researcher should hold. Through narratives the author interrupts the text and reflects on her own childhood, research and teaching young children. Finally, methodological recommendations for utilizing or minimizing the researcher/child Othered relationship are set forth in the following areas: ethical consideration, reflexivity, intersubjectivity, innovative methods, children are experts, and being with children. (The final, definitive version of this paper has been published in Journal of Early Childhood Research, 6/3, 10/2008 by SAGE Publications, Inc., All rights reserved. © SAGE Publications Ltd.).

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