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Ethical Research Involving Children

A review of the ethics in research on child abuse.

Veena, A. S., & Chandra, P. S. (2007). A review of the ethics in research on child abuse. Indian Journal of Medical Ethics, IV(3). pp. 113-115.

Abstract: Research on violence and abuse, particularly involving vulnerable groups such as women and children, has many ethical ramifications. There are few published reports in India on ethical guidelines and standards in this area. This paper reviews Child Abuse: India 2007, a study conducted by the ministry of women and child development, government of India. The review highlights the need for conducting an ethical inquiry in this area. Certain concerns about the conduct of the study are raised. Core ethical issues pertaining to consent and refusal, risk and benefit, effects of the study process on the researcher and the researched and the reporting of adverse events are discussed. The ethical implications of the study and ethical responsibilities of the researcher are emphasised.

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