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Ethical Research Involving Children

Ethics and Research with Young Children: New Perspectives.

Schulte, C. M. (Ed.) (2020). Ethics and Research with Young Children: New Perspectives. London: Bloomsbury. ISBN: 978-1-3500-7647-1

Publisher’s Description: As researchers and theorists, teachers and teacher educators, parents and grandparents and advocates for children, the authors featured in Ethics and Research with Young Children share a common inclination to counter the idea of an ethics that is conventional-i.e., an ethics that reinforces existing models and discourses, which position children as irrational and incompetent; that de-anonymize children’s ways of working and being in the world; that reduces and distorts the social, cultural and political forces that shape children’s everyday realities; and, that routinely subtracts from these realities the complex responsibilities that adults have (especially as researchers) to recognize ethics as situated, relational, intersectional, and provisional. Aligned with the interdisciplinary commitments of a Childhood Studies approach and informed by a range of theoretical and practical frameworks, the perspectives offered in this volume are grounded in relationships between and among adults and children, their shifting social, cultural, political and material realities, and a world of ideas and experiences that impel them to face and reorient their ethical commitments to each other.

Chapters in the book:

1. Rethinking Informed Consent with Children under the Age of Three, By Margaret Coady and Kylie Smith

2. Ethics as Play in Aesthetic Encounters with Young Children, By Melissa Freeman

3. Drawing Together: Towards a Relational Ethics of Ignorance, By Hayon Park

4. Wool Works, Cat’s Cradle, and the Art of Paying Attention, By Sylvia Kind

5. Playing ‘School’ at Home: Towards an Ethics of Pliability in Parental Play, By Christopher M. Schulte

6. Working with Children in the Spaces Between, By Shana Cinquemani

7. Cultivating Epistemic Modesty in Research with Children, By Christine Marmé Thompson

8. Don’t Forget to Show Them This One! Post-Qualitative Potentials in Research with Young Children, By Marissa McClure

9. Becoming a ‘Mutated Modest Witness’ in Early Childhood Research, By Jayne Osgood

10. The Cucumber Party: Parenting with a Posthumanist Ethics of Care, By Laura Trafí-Prats

11. Pondering the Pond: Ethical Encounters with Children, By Bronwyn Davies

12. Questions of New Materialist Ethics, By Heather Kaplan

13. Quantum Ethics: Intra-Actions in Researching with Children, By Leslie Rech Penn

14. Thing-Power-Child Entanglements: A Resituated Ethics of Research with Young Children, By Sonja Arndt and Marek Tesar

15. Finding Revolution in the Murmurations of Deep and Simple, By Jaye Johnson Thiel

16. (Non)sensical Literacies, (Non)sensical Relationships, By Candace R. Kuby and Tara Gutshall Rucker

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