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Ethical Research Involving Children

Complexities of Researching with Young People.

Billett, P., Hart, M., & Martin, D. (Eds.). (2020) Complexities of Researching with Young People: Youth, Young Adulthood and Society. Routledge: Oxon. ISBN: 978-1-138-38861-1; e-book ISBN: 978-0-429-42448-9.

Book Description: Currently, most books on youth research available on the market focus on ‘how to’ conduct youth research or the research process itself. This edited collection proposes to take this process a step further and discuss the complexities of youth research from a practical and theoretical context.

In total, five themes are examined – conceptualising young people, ethics and consent, the digital, voice, participation and unexpected tensions. In this book, authors from six countries explore the complexities of researching with young people across disciplines and national contexts.

Offering a closeup examination of their own research experiences, the authors address the complexities of researching with young people beyond simple questions of protection from harm and coercion by problematising notions of ‘resilience’, ‘participation’, ‘risk’ and ‘voice’. This edited collection takes the reader through an exploration of its key themes and, in doing so, presents a cast of candid and insightful accounts from youth researchers situated within the humanities and social sciences.

All chapters in the book offer useful insights, but key chapters pertaining to ethics in research involving children are:
Chapter 8: Researching Young People’s Experiences: An African-Centred Perspective of Consent and Ethics. By Loretta Anthony-Okeke.
Chapter 9: Working with Complexity: Between Control and Care in Digital Research Ethics. By Philippa Collin, Teresa Swist, Carmel Taddeo & Barbara Spears.
Chapter 10: Informed Consent as a Situated Research Process in an Ethnography of Incarcerated Youth in Denmark. By Tea Torbenfeldt Bengtsson.
Chapter 12: Critically Examining Participation, Power, Ethics, and the Co-construction of Knowledge in a Community-Based Photovoice Research Project with LGBTQ Former Foster Youth. By Moshoula Capous-Desyllas, Sarah Mountz & Althea Pestine-Stevens.
Chapter 13: Participation, Positionality and Power: Critical Moments in Research with Service-Engaged Youth. By Signe Ravn.

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