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Ethical Research Involving Children

Childhood ethics: An ontological advancement for Childhood Studies.

Carnevale, F. A., Collin-Vézina, D., Macdonald, M. E., Ménard, J.-F., Talwar, V., & Van Praagh, S. (2020). Childhood Ethics: An ontological advancement for Childhood Studies. Children & Society, Published online ahead of print.

Abstract: We describe an ontological approach to Childhood Studies that we refer to as Childhood Ethics. This involves an interdisciplinary hermeneutic orientation towards examining the morally meaningful dimensions of matters that affect young people. We draw on our empirical research with young people from 3- to 17-years old, examining their experiences in a diversity of contexts and geographical settings. Our investigations challenge dominant binary conceptions of young people along lines of decisional in/capacity and im/maturity. We argue for a view of children as active agents with meaningful relational engagements and participation interests and capacities and outline corresponding implications for research and practice. (Abstract published by arrangement with Wiley Subscription Services, Inc.).

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