The reality of research with children and young people.

Lewis, V., Kellett, M., Robinson, C., Fraser, S., & Ding, S. (2004). The reality of research with children and young people. London: Sage Publications. ISBN: 9-7807-6194-3792.

Publisher’s Description: ‘The reality of research with children and young people’ illustrates the process of carrying out research through thirteen `research stories’. Each story includes a piece of published research, accompanied by a commentary from the author of the research explaining: the origins of the research; how research questions were formed; factors influencing the choice of methodology and data collection techniques; problems that arose and how these were dealt with; and personal reflections on the project.

The research examples included in this volume have been carefully selected to demonstrate the reality of researching with children from pre-school age to late adolescence. They reflect the different traditions and variety of methods of collecting data, including interview, evaluation, ethnography, experiment, survey, case study, questionnaire, longitudinal, and standardised assessment. © Sage Publications Ltd.

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