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Ethical Research Involving Children

Situated ethics in educational research.

Simons, H., & Usher, R. (2000). Situated ethics in educational research. New York: RoutledgeFalmer. Paperback ISBN: 9-780-41520-6679; eBook ISBN: 9-780-20335-4896.

Publisher’s Description: Ethics has traditionally been seen as a set of general principles which can be applied in a range of situations. This book argues that in fact ethical principles must be shaped within different research practices and hence take on different significances according to varying research situations. The book develops the notion of situated ethics and explores how ethical issues are practically handled by educational researchers in the field. Contributors present theoretical models and practical examples of what situated ethics involves in conducting research on specific areas. (Reprinted by permisison of Taylor Francis ( Many Tayor & Francis and Routledge books are now available as eBooks:

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