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Ethical Research Involving Children

Researching children’s experience: Methods and methodological issues.

Greene, S., & Hill, M. (2005). Researching children’s experience: Methods and methodological issues. In S. Greene & D. Hogan (Eds.), Researching children’s experience. London: Sage Publications. Print ISBN: 9-7807-6197-1030; eBook ISBN: 9-7818-4920-9823

Publisher’s Description: As one looks from an historical perspective at the vast field of social scientific, empirical research already conducted on and with children, it is evident that the predominant emphasis has been on children as the objects of research rather than children as subjects, on child-related outcomes rather than child-related processes and on child variables rather than children as persons. The chapters by Hogan, and by Christensen and Prout in this book (Chapters 2 and 3 respectively) outline the assumptions held by psychologists, sociologists and anthropologists about children that shaped the approach taken by these disciplines for much of the twentieth century. Both chapters also describe the shift in emphasis and ideology which has become known as ‘the new social studies of childhood’. © Sage Publications Ltd.

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