Bitou, A., & Waller, T. (2017). Participatory research with very young children. In T. Waller, E. Ärlemalm-Hagsér, E. Sandseter, Beate Hansen, L. Lee-Hammond, K. Lekies, & S. Wyver (Eds.), The SAGE Handbook of Outdoor Play and Learning (pp. 431-445). London: Sage.

Book abstract:

There has been a growing academic interest in the role of outdoor spaces for play in a child’s development. The SAGE Handbook of Outdoor Play and Learning represents a coordinated and comprehensive volume of international research on this subject edited by members of the well-established European Early Childhood Education Research Association Outdoor Play and Learning SIG (OPAL). Chapters written by authors from Europe, North and South America, Australasia, and Asia Pacific countries are organised into six sections:
Theoretical Frameworks and Conceptual Approaches for Understanding Outdoor Play & Learning
Critical Reflections on Policy and Regulation in Outdoor Play & Learning
Children’s Engagement with Nature, Sustainability and Children’s Geographies
Diverse Contexts and Inclusion in Children’s Outdoor Play Environments
Methodologies for Researching Outdoor Play and Learning
Links Between Research and Practice

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