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Ethical Research Involving Children

Institutional rites and rights: A century of childhood.

Alderson, P. (2003). Institutional rites and rights: A century of childhood. London: Institute of Education, University of London. ISBN: 9-7808-5473-6775.

Publisher’s Description: Over the past century in Britain, adults’ rights have completely changed so that, at least in theory, all adults are respected choice-makers and not submissive dependents. Yet children and young people are still excluded from many areas of society – as women used to be. They are seldom seen as real, thinking, competent people, but rather as pre-persons, puppets twitched by nature or nurture, needing firm adult control while their minds grow as slowly as their bodies. The Institute of Education has played a leading part in inventing, testing and trying to organise this supposedly gradual growth.

Newer research methods of working with young children are re-discovering how highly competent, organised and motivated they can be. In the new millennium, it is time for the Institute of Education to adopt up-to-date research methods, theories, and findings to inform all its work in order to promote every person’s rights to respect for their worth and dignity. © IOE.

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