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Ethical Research Involving Children

Ethics and research with children: A case-based approach.

Kodish, E., & Nelson, R. M. (Eds.). (2019). Ethics and research with children: A case-based approach (2nd ed.). New York: Oxford University Press. ISBN: 9780190647254

Publisher’s Description: In Ethics and Research with Children, authors present and discuss challenging cases in the field of pediatric research ethics. This 2nd Edition includes a revised and updated introduction along with 13 completely new chapters with compelling cases, analysis and questions for discussion. After years of debate and controversy, fundamental questions about the morality of pediatric research persist: Is it ever permissible to use a child as a means to an end? How much authority should parents have over decisions about research that involves young children? What should be the role of the older child in decisions about research participation? How do the dynamics of hope and desperation influence decisions about research involving dying children? Should children or their parents be paid for participation in research? How do economic incentives for doctors, researchers, and the pharmaceutical industry factor into the decisions? Most importantly, how can the twin goals of access to the benefits of clinical research and protection from the risks research involves be reconciled?

This volume complements but does not replace the 1st Edition of this book published in 2005. Using a case-based approach, the Second Edition of Ethics and Research with Children provides a balanced and thorough account of the enduring dilemmas that arise when children become research subjects

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