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Ethical Research Involving Children

Ethical research with children.

Farrell, A. (2005). Ethical research with children. Maidenhead: Open University Press. ISBN: 9-780-33521-6505.

Publisher’s Description: This book focuses on doing ethical research with children in today’s climate of increased globalization, surveillance and awareness of children as competent research participants. It covers a range of conceptual, methodological and procedural issues, and provides a framework for doing ethical research with children.

Written by international experts in the fields of early childhood research and ethics, this book supports students, practitioner-researchers and research gatekeepers with resources on how to conduct and evaluate ethical research with children. The contributors: use key examples of cutting-edge research from a range of countries to examine research ethics with children and those around them; provide strategies for planning, conducting and evaluating research in an ethical way; and explore theoretical approaches to children and childhood that are relevant to ethical research.

‘Ethical research with children’ is key reading for students in childhood studies, teacher education, public health, nursing, human services, legal studies, psychology and social sciences, as well as practitioner-researchers in these fields. (Description reproduced with the kind permission of McGraw-Hill Education / Open University Press. All rights reserved.)

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