Finkelhor, D., Hamby, S., Turner, H., & Walsh, W. (2016). Ethical issues in surveys about children’s exposure to violence and sexual abuse. In The Wiley Handbook on the Psychology of Violence (pp. 24-48): John Wiley & Sons, Ltd. ISBN: 978-1-118-30315-3.

Publisher’s Description: This chapter explores some of the major ethical issues when conducting epidemiological research with children and youth concerning victimization and sexual abuse. It tries to sensitize researchers to concerns, and suggests some alternatives for dealing with them. It focuses largely on issues involved in conducting population-based surveys designed to obtain prevalence rates of, risk factors for and impact of childhood victimization. The existing data on many methodological issues is not at a level where a single, prescriptive solution can be definitively recommended. Thus, we suggest a flexible and pragmatic approach. We think that current best practices are characterized by developing a familiarity with the major ethical questions, the various methodological strategies for addressing these questions, and the existing empirical evidence. Then guided by this awareness, researchers can choose or design their own strategy. The paper is organized in two major sections: (i) protecting children from harm and (ii) obtaining informed consent – plus a section with some additional concerns, and a small research agenda. (Description published by arrangement with Wiley Subscription Services Ltd.).

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