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Ethical Research Involving Children

Critical issues in social research: Power and prejudice.

Hood, S., Mayall, B., & Oliver, S. (1999). Critical issues in social research: Power and prejudice. Maidenhead: Open University Press. ISBN: 9-780-33520-1419

Publisher’s Description: Social science research is a political activity. It stands at the intersection of three interest groups: the researchers, the funders and policymakers, and the people whose lives and views are being explored, including frail elderly people, children, ethnic minorities, gays, people with disabilities and other disempowered groups. This book addresses the questions: Whose interests are served by research? For whom is it undertaken? What research methods are appropriate? How can those researched find a voice in the research process? The book will be of central interest to researchers in both policy-oriented and academic institutions; to their teachers; and to service-providers who need to think about the relevance of research to their work with minorities. (Description reproduced with the kind permission of McGraw-Hill Education / Open University Press. All rights reserved.)

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