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Ethical Research Involving Children

Children’s voices: Research, policy and practice.

Smith, A. B., Taylor, N. & Gollop, M. (Eds.). (2000) Children’s voices: Research, policy and practice. Auckland: Pearson Education. ISBN: 0-5828-61888

Book Contents:
1. The sociocultural context of childhood: Balancing dependency and agency, by Anne B. Smith
and Nicola J. Taylor
2. Interviewing children: A research perspective, by Megan M. Gollop
3. Seeking children’s perspectives about their learning, by Margaret Carr
4. Children who have been exposed to risk and trauma, by Nicola Atwool
5. Children in foster and kinship care, by Anne B. Smith, Megan M. Gollop and Nicola J.
6. Family law: Conceptions of childhood and children’s voices – The implications of Article
12 of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, by Pauline Tapp and Mark
7. Children and young people’s perspectives on their legal representation, by Nicola J.
Taylor, Megan M. Gollop and Anne B. Smith
8. Children’s perspectives of their parents’ separation, by Megan M. Gollop, Nicola J. Taylor
and Anne B. Smith
9. Good Dads, bad Dads, funny Dads and sad Dads: Children’s perspectives of fathers, by Anne
Kerslake Hendricks
10. Facilitating children’s voices in the community and government, by Andrea Jamison and
Linda Gilbert
11. The way forward: Incorporating children’s perspectives in research, policy and practice,
by Nicola J. Taylor and Anne B. Smith.

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