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Ethical Research Involving Children

Children, healing, suffering and voluntary consent.

Alderson, P. (2002). Children, healing, suffering and voluntary consent. In G. Bendelow, M. Carpenter, C. Vautier, & S. Williams (Eds.), Gender, Health and Healing: The public/private divide (Chapter 11). Oxford: Routledge. Paperback ISBN: 9-780-41523-5747; eBook ISBN: 9-780-20399-6751.

Publisher’s Description: A whole range of issues are brought together and connected to emerging concerns in contemporary life such as the new genetics and transformations in biomedical knowledge and practices. It offers a challenging assessment of gender relations and embodied practices across the public/private divide, using health and healing as paradigmatic examples.

This thought-provoking volume lies at the intersection of gender studies, the sociology of health and healing, health policy, the critical analysis of scientific knowledge and the current debates around the body, health and emotions. Bringing together new and leading scholars in the field, it provides a unique critical overview of contemporary debates in health care for an interdisciplinary readership. (Reprinted by permisison of Taylor Francis ( Many Tayor & Francis and Routledge books are now available as eBooks:

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