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Ethical Research Involving Children

Children caring for parents with HIV and AIDS: Global issues and policy responses.

Evans, R., & Becker, S. (2009). Children caring for parents with HIV and AIDS: Global issues and policy responses. Bristol: The Policy Press. ISBN: 9-781-84742-0213.

Publisher’s Description: This ground-breaking book focuses on the experiences and perspectives of children and young people who care for a parent with HIV in the global North and South. Drawing on in-depth qualitative research from the UK and Tanzania, the book presents a unique insight into the similarities and differences in children’s and parents’ experiences across diverse socio-economic, cultural and welfare contexts. The book makes a significant contribution to the growing research evidence on children and young people with caring responsibilities (‘young carers’) and the impacts of HIV and AIDS on families globally. It examines caring relationships within families affected by HIV and AIDS; the outcomes of caregiving; children’s and families’ resilience; the factors influencing whether children become involved in care work; and local and global policy responses. It also provides insight into the perspectives of parents living with HIV and service providers working with families. This book will be of interest to policy makers and practitioners in the field of HIV and AIDS, and to researchers, academics and students concerned with international development, social policy, human geography, childhood and youth studies, social work, health and social care, education, children’s services and nursing and palliative care. (Description reproduced with permission from Policy Press. All rights reserved.)

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