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The Ethical Research Involving Children (ERIC) project is a collaborative effort, involving generous contributions of time and expertise from highly respected members of the international research community and non-government organisations. This shared commitment to improving understandings and practice in relation to ethical research involving children has benefited the project immensely.

We are particularly indebted to UNICEF’s Office of Research Innocenti for providing funding to support the development and expansion of ERIC for the decade 2012-2022, as well as input and advice from their ethics and communications staff.

We also acknowledge:

  • The original compendium authors: Professor Anne Graham, Dr. Mary Ann Powell, Dr. Donnah Anderson, Dr. Robyn Fitzgerald (all from the Centre for Children and Young People, Southern Cross University) and Associate Professor Nicola Taylor (from the Children’s Issues Centre, University of Otago);
  • The original project advisory group: Tatek Abebe, Prerna Banati, Jasmina Byrne, Claudia Cappa, Patrizia Faustini, Hallvard Fossheim, Petra Hoelscher, Marie-Claude Martin, Andrew Mawson, Kate McAlpine, Virginia Morrow, Bethelhem Ketsela Moulat, Mónica Ruiz-Casares and Vanessa Sedletzki;
  • Those who have been involved with ERIC through UNICEF’s Office of Research, Innocenti: Gabrielle Berman, Gordon Alexander, Marie-Claude Martin, Kerry Albright, Kathleen Sullivan, Cinzia Iusco Bruschi, Patricia Arquero Caballero and Karen Carter;
  • Robbie Gilligan and Jon-Kristian Johnsen of the Childwatch International Research Network;
  • The participants who attended the London Planning Meeting: Priscilla Alderson, Gordon Alexander, Elisabeth Backe-Hansen, Janet Boddy, Hallvard Fossheim, Marilyn Freeman, Robbie Gilligan, Jon-Kristian Johnsen, Kitty Jurrius, Anne Trine Kjørholt, Virginia Morrow, Bethelhem Ketsela Moulat, Nurmeen Murad, Geeske Strating and Joseph Tesha (meeting chaired by Anne Graham & Nicola Taylor);
  • Those who reviewed drafts of the ERIC compendium and provided feedback, and supported the project at its various stages: Jeffry Acaba, Jo Aldridge, David Alnwick, Patricia Ames, Elisabeth Backe-Hansen, Nikola Balvin, Cesar Bazan, Aida Bekić, Jean-Nicolas Beuze, Samuel Bickel, Michael Bourdillon, Emma Brathwaite, Joanna Busza, Judy Cashmore, Angela Chaudhuri, Frankie Chen, Kang Chuyun, Andrew Claypole, Claire Cody, Massa Coulibaly, John Davis, Norma Del Rio, Theresa Diaz, Judith Diers, María Claudia Duque-Páramo, Mathijs Euwema, Silvia Exenberger, Maya Faisal, Becky Fauth, Paul Flanagan, Marilyn Freeman, Robbie Gilligan, Maria Herczog, Mark Hereward, Malcolm Hill, Karin Heissler, Marie Hirtle, Nashaat H. Hussein, Kitty Jurrius, Salote Kaimacuata, Jyothi Kanics, Annefrida Kisesa-Mkusa, Anne Trine Kjorholt, Dorothee Klaus, Hilde Lauwers, Eve Leckey, Caroline Leeson, Brenda A. LeFrancois, Sebastian Javier Lipina, Judith Loveridge, Anne-Claire Luzot, Morag MacLean, Bernadette J. Madrid, Francesca Meloni, Yehualashet Mekonnen, Emily R. Munro, Ute Navidi, Claire O’Kane, Ricardo Pires, Dominique Pierre Plateau, E. Poirot, Gina Porter, Shirley Mark Prabhu, Lorraine Radford, Sally Robinson, Elsbeth Robson, Paz Olivera Rodríguez, Cécile Rousseau, Justine Sass, Dominique Louise Sbardella, Bettina Schunter, Shekhar Shah, Sadaf Shallwani, Bandana Shrestha, Anne B. Smith, Tuot Sovannary, Spyros Spyrou, Paola Storchi, Erika Strand, Ramya Subrahmanian, Diane Swales, Kitty te Riele, Joachim Theis, Nigel P. Thomas, Kay Tisdall, Alison Twycross, the UNICEF Child Protection Section in NYHQ, Mia Urbano, Robin Van Kippersluis, Andrea Verdasco, André Viviers, Rebecca M.M. Wallace, Mike Wessells, Jean Whyte, Andrew Williams, Maggie Wilson, Pamela Wridt, Wang Yan, Dongbao Yu, Xu Yuanyuan;
  • Those who contributed Case Studies to the initial Compendium: Jo Aldridge, Mark Boyes, Angela Chaudhuri, Lucie Cluver, Ruth Evans, Silvia Exenberger, Clare Feinstein, Michael Gaffney, Robbie Gilligan, Kitty Jurrius, Berni Kelly, Caroline Leeson, Sebastian Lipina, Hilde Lauwers, Clare Lushey, Jude MacArthur, Mary Catherine Maternowska, Kate McAlpine, Franziska Meinck, Virginia Morrow, Emily Munro, Ute Navidi, Muireann Ni Raghalligh, Claire O’Kane, Lorraine Radford, Elsbeth Robson, Mónica Ruiz-Casares, Kathryn Seymour, Sadaf Shallwani, Jennifer Thompson, Andrew Williams;
  • Carl Welsby from c55 Consulting for his skillful assistance with designing the ERIC website and compendium; and,
  • Marie Maxted and Julia Truscott of the Centre for Children & Young People for their diligent research assistance in the development of the original ERIC compendium.

Finally, we wish to thank more recent Case Study and Expert Blog contributors, and those who continue to contribute, ask questions, challenge thinking, share ERIC, use the ERIC materials in their teaching, and keep the ERIC community dynamic and current. Together, we continue to support, challenge, change and evaluate our understandings and practice to better honour children and young people’s involvement in research across the globe.

Copyright details for images used throughout website

© UNICEF/NYHQ2012-1732/Sokol
P. Otgonjargal, 4, smiles while jumping excitedly next to one of her family’s reindeer in a remote area of the ‘soum’ (district) of Tsagaannur, in the northern Khövsgöl ‘Aimag’ (province), Mongolia.
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© UNICEF/NYHQ2009-0222/Estey
Girls from an indigenous community read outdoors at Ban Pho Primary School in Bac Han District in remote Lao Cai Province, Vietnam.
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© UNICEF/NYHQ2001-0694/Markisz
Alhaji Babah Sawaneh, 14, addresses the Security Council at UNHQ, New York.
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© UNICEF/NYHQ2006-1470/Pirozzi
Fiona, 7, points to a globe, as a classmate watches, on the first day of school at Rosauro Almario Primary School in Tondo, a neighbourhood of Manila, the capital of the Philippines.
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© UNICEF/NYHQ2012-1761/Sokol
(Left-right) Munkhbat Tulga, 13, and Baljinnyam Bat-Ulziibayar, 13, read from a social studies textbook in the Sain Nomun monastery in Nalaikh ‘Düüreg’ (district), near Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia.
Image appears in the Ethical Guidance page at:

© UNICEF/NYHQ2006-1500/Pirozzi
Youth leaders stand in a circle, holding hands, to symbolize the slogan ‘We can do it together’, at a child care centre run by Precious Jewels Ministry, a local NGO that supports AIDS-affected children in Manila, the capitalof the Philippines.
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© UNICEF/NYHQ2009-2616/Pirozzi
Children play in the town of Lobamba in Lobamba Region, Swaziland.
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© UNICEF/NYHQ2009-2622/Pirozzi
Children work in groups at the primary school in Manyonyaneni, a community in Lobamba Region, Swaziland.
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© UNICEF/NYHQ2004-1019/Pirozzi
Young people take part in a UNICEF-supported peer education training session on HIV/AIDS, at the National AIDS Centre in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia.
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