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Grantor placing ERB/IRB requirements on grantees in a country that does not mandate such committees

Hi, everyone.

I am running into this dilemma, and I would appreciate any advice you can provide. I apologize for the specific nature of the question, but I think the principle is applicable to any international effort for social research involving children.

I work for a new charity based in the US that will be grants to individuals and organizations to, among other things, research non-institutional child care in India. While developing our policies, I was dismayed to find out that there is no mandate for an independent ethics review on social research in India. I recognize it would be unethical on my organization’s part as the funder to mandate grantees act counter to the local customs and ethical standards, but the guidelines from the Indian government are generally in alignment with international standards — the difference is that a lack of formalized oversight effectively makes compliance voluntary.

Given the particularly vulnerable nature of the population we hope to serve (orphaned and at-risk children), is it a step too far to require potential grantees (including NGOs) to receive some sort of ERB/IRB approval of their study protocol as a condition of funding?

Thanks, everyone.
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Looking for training material

I am wondering if you can direct me to any trainings specifically addressing ethics in research involving children. I am currently working with a university to develop a web course teaching different NGO country offices how to conduct qualitative research with children and would appreciate any material that might be able to share with me.
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any advice would be appreciated

I had a few more questions that I was hoping you could help me answer.

1. Is it ok to conduct research on a student/ person without their knowledge? For instance, can it be observations? Can you create a fake claim for the purpose of the research, and then later reveal the true purpose?

2. All research needs parental permissions. Is that only if the research is going to be presented or published? What about when a school collects data from multiple classrooms and presents the findings. Is that considered research? Must they have parental consent?

3. Can you conduct research if the child without the consent of the child? If a child said they do not want to participate in the research, but their parent says yes, is it ethical to continue with the research?

Thank you for any answers you can provide.
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University ethics committees and social science research

A recent Australian current affairs article looking at the tensions that can exist in the relationship between human research ethics committees and social science researchers

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Please tell us what you think

It has been a month since the website was launched and we would love to know what you think. Which are your favourite pages? Is it easy to use? What features would you like us to improve? How has it been helpful in the work you do? We love to hear any feedback you may have.

Thank you for being a part of ERIC!

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involvement of children in desicion-making in the hospital setting

USERNAME: Aída Cruz González

Good morning,
I would like to have information en the involvement of children un desicion-making un the hospital setting.
Thank you.

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I was wondering if anyone could offer advice as to how to deal with promising a child confidentiality, but then having to report suspected abuse to legal authorities. How do you explain this to a child before the research begins?

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