Positioning families as co-researchers at the museum: How do we see and hear the voices of parents and children? By Nicola Wallis

You can download this case study as a pdf here. Positioning young children as co-researchers seeks to elevate their voice, interests and power in research processes. However, there are added tensions when co- researching with babies and very young children, particularly in public spaces, where young children’s movement, interactions and experiences can be shaped by […]

Embracing the embarrassment: Potential of seemingly unsuccessful research interactions for critical professional development. By Katrin Velten & Julia Höke

You can download this case study as a pdf here. When children participate in research, particularly research conducted with or by children, a key goal is to authentically represent their viewpoints. Striving for authentic representation involves being critical and reflexive of power dynamics and adultism across content, methodology and ethics (Alderson & Morrow, 2020; Graham […]

Communicating with gatekeepers in UK educational settings. By Alice Little

You can download this case study as a pdf here. In the Spring of 2022 I joined a team of researchers exploring issues surrounding school toilet use in English schools. The project was funded by the Gender and Education Society and the Institute for Social Justice at York St John University. A group of young […]

‘Your life looks like a fairytale’ : Challenges in building rapport with children and youth in contexts of protracted conflict. By Cadhla Fiona o’Sullivan

You can download this case study as a pdf here. My PhD research, titled ‘Artisans of Peace’, was conducted in the post conflict environment of Bogotá, Colombia. It consisted of an Arts based intervention with children and youth (ages 6-18) across 3 municipalities of Bogotá. The study adopted an ethnographic approach to the fieldwork, over […]