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November 2023

Velten, K., & Höke, J. (2023). Adults’ ad hoc practices in interviews with children-Ethical considerations in the context of adultness and generational ordering. Childhood, 30(1), pp.86-103. Abstract: The paper reflects on researchers’ adultness in the context of two central

Fons‐Martinez, J., Ferrer‐Albero, C., & Diez‐Domingo, J. (2023). Co‐creation of information materials within the assent process: From theory to practice. Health Expectations, 26(1), pp.429-439. Abstract: The informed consent process is key to safeguarding the autonomy of the participant in medical research.

Armijo, M., & Willatt, C. (2022). Ethics committees and shaping of children's participation in qualitative educational research in Chile. Children & Society, Published Online Ahead of Print. Abstract: In this paper, we address the relationship between ethics committees and children involved

Buchanan, D. (2023). How can a researcher minimise causing harm when conducting interviews with particularly vulnerable children in longitudinal research?. Children & Society, Published Online Ahead of Print. Abstract: Using original data, this article explores the ethical issues that arose during

Darian‐Smith, K., & Henningham, N. (2014). Social research and the privacy and participation of children: Reflections on researching Australian children's playlore. Children & Society, 28(4), pp. 327-338. Abstract: Social research into the daily activities of children is important if we are

El Gemayel, S. M., & Salema, Y. (2023). Negotiating power dynamics through co‐reflexivity in research with young children in disadvantaged communities. Children & Society, 37(5), pp. 1596-1611. Abstract: This paper addresses how unequal power dynamics in research with young children in

Kendrick, A., Steckley, L., & Lerpiniere, J. (2008). Ethical issues, research and vulnerability: gaining the views of children and young people in residential care. Children's Geographies, 6 (1). pp.79-93. Abstract: Children and young people in residential care are some of the