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March 2023

Cutting, K., & Peacock, S. (2021). Making sense of ‘slippages’: Re-evaluating ethics for digital research with children and young people. Children's Geographies, Published Online Ahead of Print. Abstract: In this paper, we argue that institutional ethical procedures do not properly prepare

Wilkinson, C. & Wilkinson, S. (2019). The only way is ethics: Reflections on applying for National Health Service ethical approval and governance for research with children. Children's Geographies, 17(4). pp. 480-486. Abstract: In this Viewpoints piece, we reflect on the process

Romm, N.R.A. (2020). Reflections on a post-qualitative inquiry with children/young people: Exploring and furthering a performative research ethics. Forum Qualitative Sozialforschung (FQS), 21(1), Art. 6. Abstract: In this article I discuss a number of ethical issues surrounding the USA-commissioned Belmont report