‘Your life looks like a fairytale’ : Challenges in building rapport with children and youth in contexts of protracted conflict. By Cadhla Fiona o’Sullivan

You can download this case study as a pdf here. My PhD research, titled ‘Artisans of Peace’, was conducted in the post conflict environment of Bogotá, Colombia. It consisted of an Arts based intervention with children and youth (ages 6-18) across 3 municipalities of Bogotá. The study adopted an ethnographic approach to the fieldwork, over […]

Youth co-research toolkit.

The Centre for Resilient and Inclusive Societies (Australia). (First published in 2022). Youth co-research toolkit. Available online (see link below). The resources in this toolkit provide information, advice and resources to build young people’s confidence and skills as co-researchers. It will help strengthen reflexive conversations amongst research teams, strengthen young people’s experiences of being a […]