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March 2022

Ipe, R. (2019). Ethical tensions in designing ethnographic research with schoolchildren in rural Karnataka. Global Studies of Childhood, 9(2), pp. 120–131. This article explores the ethical tensions surrounding preparing for ethnographic research with children in a rural distract of Karnataka, India.

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Duggan, J. (2021). The co-productive imagination: a creative, speculative and eventful approach to co-producing research. International Journal of Social Research Methodology, 24(3), pp. 355-367. Abstract: This article explores the co-production of research as creative, speculative, and eventful rather than as

Sixtenssen, J. (2022). 'To say no wasn't something we could do': Reflexive accounts and negotiations of the ethical practice of informed consent during the research process and beyond. In The Politics and Ethics of Representation in Qualitative Research: Addressing Moments